UK To Undertake Major Revision Of Its Copyright Law To Adapt To Digital Economy

Creative Commons License photo credit: Romain SPINETTI

The British government has announced ambitious plans to make significant changes to its copyright law in hopes of helping the UK take better advantage of the changing economic landscape in the digital age.
The proposals are remarkable both for their substance and the procedure planned for the drafting and implementation of the legislative revisions. [Read more…]

Suing For All The Tea In China: Court Exercises Jurisdiction Over Chinese Government And Companies In $2.2 Billion Copyright Infringement Case

Creative Commons License photo credit: irrezolut

The Central District of California is allowing a software copyright infringement suit to proceed against the People’s Republic of China and several Chinese corporations, in which the pleaded copyright damages exceed $2.2 billion.  The Amended Complaint in CYBERsitter, LLC v. Peoples Republic of China, the plaintiff software developer alleges that large and important chunks of its Internet content filtering software were copies wholesale by two Chinese software developers working in conjunction with the Chinese government, and that China then essentially mandated that every new computer sold or distributed within China have a copy of the infringing “Green Dam” filtering software installed.  [Read more…]