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Direct Licensing Carve-Outs For PRO Blanket Licenses – Oral Arguments This Thursday

Of interest to those of us who practice in the area of compulsory (or consent-decree) copyright licensing and rate-setting:  oral argument will be heard by the Second Circuit this Thursday, June 16, in two appeals (one by ASCAP and one by BMI) of separate rate court decisions won by commercial background music provider DMX.  In both cases, the respective district court judge (Judge Stanton handles rate-setting litigation under the BMI consent decree and Judge Cote recently took over the ASCAP rate-setting docket) substantially decreased the prior rate charged by ASCAP and BMI for the the right to publicly perform the songs in their respective catalogues as part of a commercial background music service (i.e., the music you hear in the background while you shop in a retail store). [Read more…]

Copyright Office Clarifies Rules For “Gap Grant” Terminations

No, this post has nothing to do with blue jeans.  It concerns the termination of copyright grants, including licenses and assignments.  The Copyright Office has issued new regulations, which will help authors and their lawyers navigate a lacuna, or gap, in the Copyright Act’s termination provisions. [Read more…]

Grand Opening of Title 17: The S(c)ite For Copyright Law

As a lawyer, I am used to a fair amount of solitary writing.  That said, this new experience of starting a copyright law blog from scratch is more surreal than I had expected.  I write this knowing that, as of now, I have no audience whatsoever!  I now know what it sounds like when a tree falls in the forest with nobody around to hear it.

In any event, I thought I would get the ball rolling by giving a bit of my background and my hopes and intentions for the blog. [Read more…]

Coming Soon

The title says it all.