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UMG v Veoh: Ninth Circuit Affirms DMCA Safe Harbor for Veoh

Copyright Into Infinity
Creative Commons License photo credit: Post-Software

The Ninth Circuit has affirmed the district court’s decision that Veoh’s user-generated video service was protected from UMG’s copyright infringement claims by the DMCA safe harbor provisions.  In a comprehensive and mostly well-reasoned 49-page opinion, the court methodically rejected each of UMG’s arguments as to why the safe harbor should not apply. [Read more…]

Bill Patry’s How To Fix Copyright Released!

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, Bill Patry’s great new book, “How to Fix Copyright” is now available for purchase.  This book is a follow-up of sorts to his prior work, “Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars.”

I have just bought my copy and will post my thoughts after I have had time to read and digest, but I had the opportunity to review earlier drafts of a couple of chapters and based on that I am really looking forward to reading the entire book.  Bill knows more about the history and workings of copyright law than any other living person.  His writing is highly engaging and his ideas are always thought-provoking.

Highly recommended!!!!