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Termination of Sound Recording Copyright Transfers – CLE Program

I will be speaking at an upcoming CLE program on one of my favorite topics: recording artists’ recapture of their copyrights from the record labels.  As 2013 (the first year that sound recording copyright transfers will have ever been subject to termination) approaches, this issue is getting on the radar of more and more folks.  I have been dealing with it for over a decade, having briefed the sound recording work for hire issue in the original litigation.  The program will take place on Tuesday, January 24 in New York City.

My panel will be part of a much larger intellectual property law CLE program sponsored by the New York State Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Section.  I highly encourage anyone interested in any facet of intellectual property law to attend.  I am not aware of any other program where you can get 8 credit hours of CLE (including 1 hour of ethics credit) for only $125.  Here is a link to the registration materials for those interested, and here is a copy of the full-day program: