The Digital Music Performance Royalty Apocalypse: Fakler Speaking at SXSW Music Conference

SXSW2014I will be giving a presentation titled “The Digital Music Performance Royalty Apocalypse” at the SXSW Music Conference next Wednesday, March 12, at 2pm.   The title does not imply that my speaking at the conference is, itself, a sign of the coming apocalypse.  Rather, I will be discussing the history, current state of affairs, and hot topics looming in the next year, relating to the various copyright license fees paid by digital music streaming services.  Topics will include the upcoming Webcasting IV Copyright Royalty Board proceeding, the “problem” of pre-1972 sound recordings, and the recent attempts by some of the major music publishers to selectively withdraw their catalogs from the ASCAP and BMI repertories for certain digital music service licensees only.

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Fakler quoted in Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish

This is fun.  One of my quotes on the ways in which record companies abuse recording artists was picked up and highlighted in Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish.

Paul Fakler Quoted in National Law Journal on Proposed Overhaul of Copyright Act

Copyright SymbolThe National Law Journal ran an article today on recent proposals by Register Pallante and House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte to begin the process for a general revision (i.e., ground-up re-write) of the Copyright Act.  The article contains a few of my thoughts on the topic.  I am certain to be writing in more detail as we move forward.  If the process is managed properly, a general revision could be a great benefit to all stakeholders (including the public).