Copyright Office Proposed Rulemaking on Designation of DMCA Agents For Takedown Notices

The Copyright Office has announced a proposed rulemaking to update the procedures and requirements for online service providers to designate an agent to receive notices of copyright infringement under the DMCA safe harbor provisions.

One of the key proposed changes is the Office’s move to electronic filing of the designations, which would be stored in a publicly accessible online database.  This would be a great improvement over the current paper-based system.  The Office also proposes requiring each online service provider to verify the accuracy of the designation every two years, and allowing OSPs to delegate maintenance of the designations to third parties.  There are lots of other proposed changes (and lots of new proposed fees), and specific requests for public input.

The Office has published proposed new regulations, and is seeking public comments, which may be submitted at the Copyright Office website.

Here is a copy of the Notice from the Federal Register, with all the details: